lunedì 25 agosto 2014

Creative Blog Tour

I am very happy to participate to the Creative Blog Tour which my friend Giorgia invited me! I want to thank her for this virtual tour of scrappers that comes directly from US, it is a fun and friendly way to meet and suggest other creative girls who deserve to be known! I also hope that this is the opportunity to transmit a little bit of me and my passion ... for this reason I answer to this train of questions until the end where I want to tag proudly other two bloggers!

Sono molto felice di partecipare al creative blog tour a cui mi ha invitato la mia amica Giorgia! Voglio ringraziarla per questo tour virtuale tra scrappers che arriva direttamente da oltreoceano, è un modo divertente e amichevole per conoscere e suggerire altre ragazze che meritano di essere conosciute! Spero anche io che questa sia l’occasione per trasmettere un po’ di me e della mia passione….per questo rispondo a questo treno di domande per arrivare alla fine in cui voglio orgogliosamente taggare altre due blogger!

What am I working on?

For the first time I'm creating mini album and I find that they are very fun projects and that stimulate the brain! I love to create cards but I want to try also other projects to grow in my experience, and taste new things. I create also for blogs where I’m a DT and it is always an adventure!

What is my signature style?

I don’t know how  define my style! I love watching the style of other scrappers, especially the shabby style ... but at the end I do something completly different because I create with so many colors! For me it is important that my creations make you smile, and that  are full of life!

Why do I create what I do?

First of all I create to feeling good, because I enter in a physical and mental space that is only mine where I can express my true feelings.
Creating card makes me feel good because they are always the symbol of a happy moments. I like who writes a note to wish joy to someone, sometimes even a few lines can means a lot!

How does your writing/creating process work?

I'm a messy person ... and so is my thought process! I don’t follow a sketch or a defined setting previously, I like to let the imagination gallops and make myself be inspired by a paper or an embellishment that I want to use.

What are my favorite things to create with at the moment?

I love to using very colorful papers, polka dot ribbons and buttons! And I love doing paper rosettes!

How long does it take me to create a project?

It depends on the project, but making a card takes me an hour and a half about....
Below there are some of my recent projects:

I have decided to tag these 2 great creative girls: Sabina and Valentina

They will be sharing more about themselves next Monday, September 01st on their blogs, make sure to stop by!
Here they are!

great mum of three children, she makes amazing layout, full of life and energy!

sweet girl that paints stamps in a fabulous way, you cannot forgive her cards!

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  1. soooo fun learning more about your creative process!!! wonderful projects and always love to see what you have created!!!!

  2. Bellissimi Francesca questi elaborati. Molto. Buona settimana. ;) NI

  3. l'eleganza della semplicità e del buon gusto!!!

  4. Grazie cara!!! Continua così che vai alla grande!!! <3
    Vale la Bolilla ;)